The Catholic University of America

Acting With Integrity

Integrity is a manifestation of our respect for each other, and a sign of the trust we place in our community. The Undergraduate Student Honor Statement acknowledges the value of integrity in the pursuit of education. Integrity is equally important at the graduate level, as well as for faculty and administrators. The CUA Community Pledge emphasizes the importance of integrity for all members of the CUA community by setting forth the following promises:

  • To pursue a life of virtue as I progress in my studies
  • To live in right relationship with other members of our community, seeking reconciliation when it is called for and asking for forgiveness when I fail
  • To build a community where everyone is treated with respect



 What Does Academic Integrity Mean?

Academic integrity means taking responsibility for your work, ideas, and effort. It also means giving credit to others for their work, ideas, and effort. When you act with academic integrity, you are upholding the ethical standards of The Catholic University of America and building trust within our academic community.

Integrity builds trust.

It is because of this trust that learning can take place. Your professors trust that you will complete assignments without taking ideas or work from someone else. Similarly, you trust that professors will evaluate your work fairly and honestly.

Integrity upholds academic and ethical standards.

Violations of this trust have repercussions. If you submit work that is not yours, your professor has a responsibility to hold you accountable for your actions, because the University in turn has a responsibility to uphold high academic and ethical standards. Without these standards, others would lose trust in the academic integrity of the University itself.

Integrity fosters respect.

Your professors and the University also have a responsibility to treat you with dignity and respect regardless of circumstances. This responsibility is rooted in the ethical and moral foundation of the University. At CUA, all undergraduate students, graduate students, international students, faculty, and administrators are part of the same academic community. We recognize that our actions have an impact on others, and acknowledge that we must build our relationships on honesty, compassion, trust, and respect.



Integrity at CUA 


“…integrity within our university is fundamental to the pursuit of knowledge and personal development. We understand honor to be an outward expression of our respect for each other and ourselves in accordance with the ethical standards of the Catholic faith.”


- Undergraduate Student Honor Statement