The Catholic University of America

How to Report

We are currently working with Technology Services to develop a web form that will allow instructors to submit reports of academic dishonesty in a completely automated fashion. Until the web form is ready to go live, the following documents approximate the web form's functionality:

Academic Dishonesty Report Form
Academic Dishonesty Report Contact List
Read and follow the three steps below to ensure accurate reporting.

1. Review policies

Take a few minutes to review University Policies and Procedures for Academic Dishonesty. The procedure pays specific attention to the steps necessary for enforcing the Policy, including sanctions and reporting.

This online reporting process streamlines the steps to be taken to report academic dishonesty, as outlined in the policy. Use this checklist to make sure that you have completed all necessary steps both leading up to and following the reporting process.


2. Fill out the report form

Academic Dishonesty Report Form

Download this document, fill it out, and save it on your hard drive. The selections you make on the first page will help you to determine the individuals to whom the report should be sent.


3. Send your report

Academic Dishonesty Report Contact List

When you have completed the report form and are ready to submit it, use this document to find names and contact information for the individuals who should receive your report. The completed form should be sent to:

  • Undergraduate Studies or Graduate Studies
  • The Dean or Associate/Assistant Dean
  • Department Chair (if applicable)

When you have identified the recipients, upload your saved report form as an attachment and send. Any other relevant documents may be sent as attachments as well.

If you have any questions about submitting the form or about reporting cases of academic dishonesty in particular, please be in touch with your department chair, your academic dean, or the office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies.